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check out it has metal remixes of alot of the metriod songs my favs are torvus bog and the tunnel 

also try

metroid x the beginning

metroid x  the kombat

oh yeah and bug the auther to make metroid x 3 it is way over due

project  xenocide this is a truly awesome unofficial sequel to the Xcom games it includes next gen graphics and is totaly why isnt it in the best free ware games on the web section? simple its not done do i know this? well duh it says so on the main page of the site...AND i am developing music for them...thats right i get to say "im a developer for a big ass project" and its true =D ...oh it says its suspended but its not really its just going join up and start helpin!!! alot of what they need is just simple 2d texture art for items like backrounds/terrain so take ten minutes and draw something will ya? anyways