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super mario world 2 yoshis island: this is one of my favorite games of all time its a blast to play and has an art style that even to this day has never been replicated...even in another mario game it looks like your playing animated comic anyways heres the Link

super metroid: even with the release of games like halo gears of war and metroid prime this is still considered the best game in the world bye most gaming authorities (it doesnt show up on most best game lists of magazines because it is to rare to quilify as a common game in fact its so rare that it sells for about $140 in the US with the manual and box but if you look on online sources or in those big game books its usualy ranked #1 or #2) i would know iv had the game since it came out anyways heres the Link but BE WARNED YOU NEED AN SNES EMULATOR TO PLAY IT you can find a list of emulators at the end of the page

perfect dark: one of those games that you dont forget despite the rather survival horror genre sounding name its actually a spy themed shooter and one of the best even dare say it competes with halo on the awesome o meter and speaking of halo if this game wasnt made halo might never have been...perfect dark brought on the era of an endless sea of first person shooters and so we learned how to make a half decent fps and thus came halo heres the Link WARNING this downloads a bunch of ROMS in a zip file none of them are perfect and if your using project 64 you might need to use the legacy pixel pipe line oh and you need an emulator for n64 you have to mess with this one to get it to work

ALIEN VS PREDATOR gold edition: you get to be the marine the predator or the alien each one is so different from the other that it could be sold as a separate game heres the Link

EMULATOR LIST project 64 the best N64 emulator around heres the Link Zsnes supposed to be the best snes emulator ever heres the Link