Make your own free website on download mugen and make your own fighting games its so easy youl go WOW......well what do you expect im not payed to make up these lines >8( if your to lazy to make your own stages/chars/music etc you can get some here >IMPORTANT< the charectors files must all be in a folder with the same name as the .def file for the charector and you night need to edit the charector name so its the same as the name of the def file (just open the .def file and change the words after  name = for example if your def file is name pie and the charector name is ketchup change name = ketchup to name = pie to install charectors open the data folder then open select.def and type the name of the folder (if you followed my instructions) inn the add charectors spot this sounds complicated but it really isnt free legal (mostly legal) abandon ware games (look around for something that says where to download this and click it in rare cases there are no places to download it so no links show) free legal >SAFE< software downloads and trials i used this site to get avg free internet security  adobe flash player adobe shocwave etc THE CIA COOL!!!!! oh wait.....this site isnt full of lasers its all profesional and crap....darn another site hosted on tripod its all about al(I)ens frome the movie al(I)ens thats why i do the freaky (I) unless you have been to kong or at least heard of it you live in a mayonase jar